Introducing the CREW KC 2020 Board of Directors!

September 30, 2019

President / Delegate:  Sara Steele
President-Elect / Delegate: Jill McCarthy
Past President: Christine Schlomann
Secretary: Meredith Hauck
Treasurer: Beth DeCuir
Treasurer-Elect: Melissa Garrison
Director - Communications: Sarah Moberg
Director - Golf: Mary Gerdes
Co-Director - Membership: Vicki Adeline McGuire
Co-Director - Membership: Lindsay Tarwater
Director - Mentorship: Moira Holland
Co-Director - Programs and Community Connections: Christina Fenwick
Co-Director - Programs and Community Connections: Tina Duncan
Co-Director - Sponsorship: Catherine Hammer
Co-Director - Sponsorship: Darcey Schumacher

Our thanks to Nominating Committee members Sara Steele, Christine Schlomann, Debra Swearingen, Janae Nezerka and Allison Tanner for the thoughtful consideration each gave to the Board applicants.