Annual Membership Dinner - The Art of Badassery

October 27, 2021
The Art of Badassery

On Thursday, October 15th, CREW KC held its Annual Member Dinner at The Bardot Event Space in the Crossroads District, with 65 members in attendance.

CREW KC was honored to present Jenn Cassetta, a motivational speaker and author, having served as a health and empowerment coach for the past twenty years. As a 3rd degree blackbelt in Hapkido, Jenn’s mission is to make people feel safe from martial arts to the boardroom.

Using the 6 belts/levels of Hapkido, Jenn taught us The Art of Badassery, which is engaging in seemingly impossible activities and achieving success in a manner that renders all onlookers completely awestruck.

Achieving the Art of Badassery -

White Belt – Embrace the Suck
  • To consciously accept or even appreciate something that is extremely unpleasant but unavoidable.
  • Find your secret weapons – Balance, Bravery, Courage, Empathy, Flexibility, Generosity, Humility, Humor, etc.

Yellow Belt – Bounce Back
  • Pivot – when something isn’t working, change the direction.
  • Roll with the punches 
  • Find your community – those who have walked a mile in your shoes
  • Adopt a “happy failure” mindset

Orange Belt – Block the BS
  • Create distance
  • Communicate your boundaries
  • Find the negativity and block – personal and professional relationships, social media, etc.

Green Belt – Find Your Roar
  • Physiologically – limit power drains (self- depreciation, gossip, complaining)
  • Vocabulary – change your language 
    • Examples:
    • I should…I choose to
    • I can’t…I won’t
    • I’ll try…do or do not
  • Increase power gains:
    • Master your self-talk
    • Use affirmations
    • Build your battle cry against your own voice

Blue Belt – Elevate Your Energy
  • 6 Pillars of Energy:
    • Hydrate
    • Eat real food
    • Limit energy zapping foods
    • Positive people
    • Mindfulness
    • Sleep

Red Belt – Take a Stand
  • Focus on those in your life who empower you
  • Acknowledge those who show up for you
  • Limit time with those who zap your energy