DE&I Sharing Stories Series - Helga Namale, CREW Boston

March 11, 2022
Written by: Helga Namale, CREW Boston

DE&I Sharing Stories Series - Helga Namale, CREW Boston

The Voices on Our Team(s); Do We Hear Them?

Often when we hear about DEI, automatically we associate it with hiring and retaining black and brown bodies. And as I pondered on which story I wanted to share, I wanted to challenge us to expand our lenses to the true meaning of diversity (which I define as meaning different), equity (having the quality of being fair and impartial) and inclusion (the action of including all involved parties within a group). 

I recently had a review with a team lead on a project that highlighted the importance of intentionally practicing DEI in all aspects of life. It was a supposed to be a collaborative project, but my experience was anything but. I was responsible for running point on building the recovery models for a particularly challenging account to simplify the reconciliation process and did so with minimal input from the team lead, but I had to get his approval before submitting it to the client, which I received with high praise.