Disability Pride Month

July 12, 2022

Disability Pride Month

Disability Pride Month is celebrating its 32nd year after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was passed on July 26, 1990. ADA was passed to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities. Some people have misconceived the idea behind the word “Pride”, thinking it is another LGBTQIA+ event, but it’s not. It is an event about celebrating and reclaiming people with disabilities’ visibility in public because they have historically been pushed out of public spaces. 

The Whole Person is a local organization focused on providing services and programs to build the confidence of individuals with disabilities and improve the many skills they need to live, learn and work in the Kansas City metro community.

The Golden Scoop is a local ice cream and coffee shop with a purpose. The Golden Scoop creates jobs for very talented individuals who happen to live with developmental disabilities.

Join CREW in celebrating and recognizing the diversity, experiences, and talent people with disabilities bring to our CRE workplaces and communities. See CREW Network’s Diversity Pride Month LinkedIn post.